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Why give a FLOWER BOX with Home Delivery in Bergamo and Province?

Everyone knows that Lada Fiori - Flower Store Bergamo during the LockDown period has specialized in the DELIVERY of FLOWERS AT HOME IN BERGAMO AND PROVINCE. 

The FLOWER BOXES have been loved by our #LadaFioriLovers. But we want to list all the reasons why the Lada Fiori Flower Box is a beautiful thought.

  •  The box has the function of a vase, so you won't need to change the water every day to the vase and clean it;
  • It has a unique design that perfectly furnishes every corner of the home or office;
  • The flowers in the box last longer and retain freshness.

It is well known that giving boxes is an increasingly frequent trend. A trend brought by our instagram photos. And these Flower Boxes are perfect for an Instagram Stories!

For these and other reasons, Lada Fiori Flower Store has decided to activate the home flower delivery service for all #LadaFioriLovers who love our boxes. And they are more and more numerous.


If you want to see the whole collection, click on the photo below.

Collezione Flower Box